Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Network Marketing Is All About Duplication

DUPLICATION is the KEY to building a successful home based business and SYSTEMS are the Key to Duplication.

After great effort of time and money, we have built an Amazing Automated Marketing & Training System for GIA reps called the 'Retire Prosperous' Duplication System. You can try it absolutely FREE for 30 Days to please review this page and try it as it can help you grow your business.

In traditional old school network marketing, we were taught to contact our prospects one by one, belly to belly or eyeball to eyeball, but that myth has been replaced with AUTOMATED ONLINE DUPLICATION SYSTEMS that allow you to SORT AND SIFT through hundreds or thousands of prospects and allow you to contact THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUS!

The 'Retire Prosperous' Automated Marketing & Training System will show you how to reach a lot more prospects, and will automatically tell the GIA story for you so that prospects are a lot more likely to join your business.

I will use the analogy of prospecting here. Gold miners in Alaska used a gold pan. They scoop sand and gravel from a river bottom into their pan and then they wash the content again and again until all that is left in the bottom of the pan are tiny flecks of gold or in some cases nuggets.

That is what this sales funnel does and you can do this on a small scale with a pan or you can do it on a big scale with a front loader and a bigger sluice box. The amount of names you put in the funnel determine how many come out the other end.

The 1st phase of the SALES FUNNEL PROCESS is the EXPOSURE STEP. When your prospect goes to your unique, personalized website, they will be on the Exposure Step page where they will see a great 6 minute Professional Video by Kurt Wilkins that plays automatically. At the end of the video a Capture form appears so they can enter their First Name and Email address and see the next step. This is the opt in process that automatically triggers the prospects receiving a professionally written series of emails that talk about the income opportunity in GIA.

The Next Step in the FUNNEL PROCESS is that prospects hear the PRESENTATION STEP (or SALES PAGE). In GIA we do a LIVE Prospecting Call every Tuesday night and one of the best calls is automatically played when they open the second page. It also show photos of all the participants on the call. This gives prospects the whole story about GIA in a powerful way that can be duplicated by EVERYONE using this system.

On the 'Validation Page', prospects will watch a Video that plays automatically about the GIA Abundance Plan with testimonials. Under that video, are 4 more videos that can be played to educate the prospect about our great products. Then there is a green button prompting the prospect to start using our products and/or make money (which will direct the prospect to your GIA replicated site where they can join)!

Here is another huge benefit of using the 'Retire Prosperous Duplication System'. When you purchase leads (which is optional) from the two Approved Lead Vendors, then your leads are automatically added into your 'Retire Prosperous Duplication System/ and automatically start getting professionally written emails personalized from you to your leads. Every email is designed to give prospects reasons to click on a link to visit your website.

The 'Retire Prosperous Duplication System' will automatically notify you when your prospects visit your website and go through the steps. That is your cue that they are a good prospect and that you should call them immediately!